Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dark Angels vs Eldar

My Son and I played a game of 40K last night. His Dark angels vs my Eldar. Kill points with the Dawn of War set up. (a 'play what you have' game...)

A wonderful game. Up in the air till the last turn. I was lucky that his drop troops were delayed due to some unlucky reserve rolls. My Autarch gets most of my reserves in early with the +1. Its an advantage for sure. Eventually his forces showed up and started savaging my Eldar into an early extinction, but not before I complied a healthy Kill total.

His Terminators with the 1st turn deep strike are very irritating as well as his T5 Ravenwing bikers.

A quick action shot of his Ravenwing making an unwanted appearance on my flank is shown below;

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