Saturday, January 24, 2009

Next was to glue the enlarged transport compartment to the bottom hull. Glued it together with styrene cement and used the clamp to keep it nice and tight (without cracking of course) while it set up.

After waiting a half hour, I put on the back door. It has a very nicely done attachment means, that fixates the door while allowing to open and close.

Next on the hit list was to glue some components together before spray painting. This includes the antenna. I glued it directly to the turret while the turret was still on the sprue. This always helps me when I spray paint- I can hold on the wide sprue edges while spraying the parts as I rotate them.

Once the top and bottom assembly was spray painted white, I spray painted the cockpit black and painted the jet intakes and nozzles with a mix of black and silver on eh bottom hull assembly.

I also gave some thought to making the turret on the wave serpent rotate a bit easier. I clipped off some of the bottom geometry of the turret, and drilled a hole on the bottom for a strong but slim magnet. I also addded some side slots to let the air escape.

I also glued a mating magnet to the top of the serpents hull, so the magnet on the turret could rotate freely (always a pleasure to aim the turret at the intended target...) A little sanding and gluing and voila! A free to spin turret.

Weapon switchouts are a bit tricky for the waveserpent (since there are two weapons, and there is not a lot of 'meat' to drill in and glue in a magnet).

A couple of pointers I've found from the school of hard knocks:
1) When using epoxy to glue in a magnet, make a thru-hole or side slot so that air can escape and not push your magnet into an unwanted position while the epoxy cures.
2) I've found 2 part epoxy (5 minute set time) to work pretty good...
3) Make sure to 'premate' your magnets so you don't glue them in wrong way. If you glue them in the wrong way they will never attach... And its a pain in neck to re-do!

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