Saturday, January 24, 2009

Starting the Waveserpent

Well, sick of my eldar not having the move power to truck around squads of 10, I invested in the almighty wave serpent. It came in on Friday, and Unbeknowst to my son, I started to assemble it while he was at basketball. I'll take you along in this adventure.

I've built a couple of Eldar falcons before, so this I know will help me with assembling this beautiful kit. First off are the sprues. I especially like the two sprues of Eldar weapons. these will come in handy if I decide to mix an match the weapons between games.

I took some time, started cutting the parts off (of course keeping the flat edge of the clippers against the side of the part, to minimize the amount of sanding I have to do after its cut off.

I sanded all the parts a bit more, and dryfit them before gluing them together. The most interesting fit is the added trailing edge to fit the enlarged crew compartment.

Well that's all I could do tonight. Until tomorrow.


  1. Nice choice.

    And I envy you being able to play against your son: what a fantastic privilege!

    - Drax.

  2. Hello Drax. Yes its a real kick! Even when he beats my Eldar like a drum.